Courses and Workshops

The following courses and workshops are available:

Mindful Wellbeing


A Seven-week mindfulness-based program grounded in the work of Prof Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman’s, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. Over the 7 weeks participants will learn simple meditation techniques:

  • To become more aware of thoughts, feelings and body sensations.
  • To take a kinder stance towards negative thoughts and feelings as they arise.
  • To be more accepting and less critical and judgmental of oneself.
  • To notice old habits and downward spirals.
  • To find ways to nourish and connect with oneself.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Description: Workshop

Are you:

  • Interested in learning what mindfulness is and how it can benefit you?
  • Curious to learn how mindfulness can fit into your life?
  • Hesitant to commit to a longer program?
  • Eager to explore a variety of practices in a condensed format?
  • Needing a mindfulness refresher?

Then this is the workshop for you. This is open to all ages and stages – no meditation experience is necessary.

Teenagers! What the %&$# is up with them?!


A 4 week course (also available in a workshop format for a condensed version) for parents, teachers and child care workers exploring:

  • What adolescence means.
  • What is going on in the teenage brain.
  • What developmental milestones they are facing including hormonal, social and cognitive changes.
  • How can we support and help build resilience in the adolescent.